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Pam & I bonded over this stunning red vintage mid-century vase she had on her Map Stores featured edit. Out of all the beautiful lifestyle products on her website (and there are many), this red vase jumped out at me and I just had to have it. It already had a place in my mind on the second shelf opposite my desk, in full view. We chatted over the phone and she shared the story & her love for the red vase too. It now sits just there and brings me much joy. From that very first conversation I knew Pam was just like the vase – just lovely, bright & bubbly, happy & positive and I wanted to support her new venture. The following week I was hosting my 1st pop up shop at Number 16. Pam came along with her beautiful range of products. They were so well received and loved by many. Every piece is thoughtfully chosen and in keeping with her style. Pam’s a real gem & so is her online store – take a look when you have a moment.

Love La x

I asked Pam to share her passion & Valentine’s Day edits with us

words by: Pam of Map Stores

Map Stores has been the product of 20 years in the British fashion industry, combined with my real love for design, art, culture and travel to create a unique home, lifestyle and wellbeing store. Every product in the Map Stores range is carefully curated and considered with a sense of modern functionality, beauty and an eclectic simplicity to curate an inclusive range of lifestyle products.

One of my biggest inspirations is the connections we make with other people. Lauren and I met through one of my best friends, who works with Lauren. I ‘popped up’ in one of the first events in her incredibly beautiful home and we bonded over this stunning West German, mid-century red vase from the Map Stores FEATURED EDIT, which showcases a contemporary collection of significant, timeless pieces.  A range of sourced products that has lasted beyond a season and that continues to deliver a sense of luxury and individual style.

Map Stores Valentine’s Edit…

The Map Stores Valentine’s Day edit is not your ordinary ‘love’ story. The products have been chosen from the range to inspire a philosophy of love that is family, friendship and connection. One of my favourite HOME products and the first brand added to the range was the Earl of East London hand poured scented candles. The Jardin de Lune scent is a luxurious combination of deep tuberose, paired with top notes of blackberry leaf and bergamot, creating a warm heady and aromatic glow that works well in every interior. Whether spending time at home with the kids, friends or a love, scent unites people in their space.

The most important relationship we have in life is the one we have with ourselves. The way we feel on the inside is a direct correlation to how we treat ourselves and therefore how we treat those around us. This nourishing face, body and hair oil from our LIFESTYLE range is created by Sevin London. Using only the best unrefined oils with a blend of vitamins to restore elasticity and shine to your hair. With natural antioxidants and vitamin E to protect, moisturise and repair your skin. This is perfect for a sexy, silky texture to your skin and also effective to reduce scars and other rashes on the skin – great for massaging too!

Whether we are single, in a relationship, a parent or a friend, for our own WELLBEING we all at times need to be reminded of the reasons to be thankful. We are experts at focusing on what is missing from our lives. Our discontent can serve us well, keeping us from complacency and boredom. But we can also be dragged down by a harmful inability to stop, take stock and recognise what isn’t imperfect. This beautiful set of cards can be for anyone you love, designed to help us pause for a moment and to take on board what we all have to be grateful for.

I have always been a great believer in telling those around you that you love them or you think they are wonderful or to thank them at any time – not just on the 14th February. Having lost my beautiful Mum to breast cancer when I was 22 I know the importance of telling people how you feel while you have the chance. Also, at harder times in my life (as amazing as it’s been!) I have felt sad and a card from a friend can lift you just enough to remember the good – a true friend will always give you wings when you forget how to fly!

X Pam


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This is not a sponsored post, I only post things I genuinely love and am inspired by. X La