written by : Olivia Thorpe (intro by La)

My friend Olivia Thorpe developed this amazing, natural, award winning face serum. Everything about her products are beautiful, from the skincare oils & products themselves to the most beautifully designed packaging. She is so passionate about what she does and her products speak for themselves.

‘I used to use five different products on my skin. I now use just one.’ Olivia

A message from Olivia…

Sometimes we can become so embroiled in the minute, invisible stresses of our everyday lives that our bodies are left with no other way to respond to them than by a visible external strain. In this way, I developed a stress-related dermatitis whilst living away from home in Singapore. No matter how many man-made ointments and medicines I tried, my skin peeled and itched in response to an invisible “allergy”. 

I turned to plant science in a final and more gentle attempt to heal my skin, having tried a host of corticosteroids from dermatologists, and I began blending oils. I became so fascinated by the ways plant oils can react synergistically to (powerfully) heal different skin conditions, that I would often stay up until the early hours of the morning buried in books, creating and perfecting oil blends. 

Commissioned by a friend who needed an anti-scarring ointment post-surgery, and led by my over-sensitive sense of smell during my second pregnancy, I arrived at a formula that was so beautifully scented that I decided to use it myself. Almost overnight it transformed my skin.

In some strange evolutionary way, my senses, together with my learnings, led me to discover my own medicine and Vanderohe was born. Vanderohe is my ode to nature and to a gentler, more mindful form of self-care and self-love; to slowing down, nurturing yourself and putting your health and wellness at the forefront, whilst cherishing the earth’s very real and powerful medicines: plants. 

At Vanderohe, we are now dedicated to formulating the finest skincare products using the world’s purest organic and wildcrafted ingredients and the most sustainable and product-effective practices, ensuring we help inform our customer and give back to our beautiful planet along the way… Purifying, nourishing and enhancing your skin, but also your mindset. Because I believe that beauty is more than skin deep.”


WINNER The Beauty Shortlist Award for Best New Beauty Launch – Product 2016/17

WINNER Attracta Courtney Beauty Awards 2017 for Best Face Serum

WINNER Psychologies The Real Natural Beauty + Wellness Edit 2017 for Best Face Serum

WINNER Woman & Home A-LIST Beauty Awards 2017 for Best Eco Serum

WINNER Harper’s Bazaar Singapore Beauty Awards 2017 for Best Eco-Friendly Face Serum

WINNER Red Magazine Best of Beauty Awards 2017 for Best Natural Face Oil

WINNER Attracta Courtney Beauty Awards 2018 for Best Body Serum

Her products have won many beauty awards, featured in many fashion & beauty magazines. They are available via her online store www.vanderohe.com and Net-a-Porter . Soon to be launching in www.liberty.co.uk

Olivia will hopefully be hosting an oil blending workshop At Number 16 later on in the year. Please let us know if you would be interested in hearing more.

This is not a sponsored post, purely something La loves & wants to share x