Who is La behind La Loves?

Hi! Let me introduce myself and my blog just recently launched…

I am Lauren Conroy, affectionately known as La /(Lol/Lols/Lolly to those who have known me for many years). A South African with English roots, living in London for going on 18 years. Wife, mum to 3 (one girl, 2 boys all born within 3 years!), an accountant (prior to having a family), however forever a lover of design, photography, art and all things creative, trying to juggle it all.

Photographer: Love Made Visible

I have been meaning to start this blog for years. I wanted a means and a place to record all the inspiration, creative findings, talents I’ve collected and continue to collect. Ideas I come across, my passions and interests. So I figured I’m going to start right here.

My vision for the La Loves blog is to make it a visual delight! It will feature anything from how to turn a house into a home, a holiday into an adventure, a gathering of friends into a party and a party into an occasion. It covers stepping out in style, life style and interior styling, home life, work life balance and living a passionate, fun life. Some of my shares will be pulled from my travel archives, some will be inspired by family traditions and memories, family recipes and others will be newly discovered creative, inspirational finds. And through sharing my creative finds and passions, I hope to inspire others and share the joy.

I have quite an eclectic / eccentric taste and love putting my unique stamp on life & my home! I love white, yet LOVE colour too. I love and appreciate art & design – contemporary yet have a passion for vintage too. I love plants & foliage. I love calming colours yet love bold just as much!  I love to play the guitar & sing. I love pink, coral, green, inky blue, white and currently mustard. I love and ADORE my family. I love my entrepreneurial spirit (had an accounting practice which I sold prior to having my daughter). I love to dance. I love interior design and can’t wait to ‘show you around’ my newly finished home At number 16. A recent complete knock down and rebuild which is not only our family home, but a space I like to use for creative photo shoots, pop up events & workshops too.

Photographer: Katie Spicer

La loves is a lifestyle blog with touches of my individuality. It will cover the following categories:

  • Interiors & Styling (my work as well as the work of others)
  • Celebrations & Parties (incl. all types of parties & celebrations, weddings, kids’ birthday parties, decor & styling)
  • Fashion & Beauty (my finds and those of others I enjoy)
  • Food & Cooking (where to try, recipes, fabulous finds)
  • Travel & Adventure (off the beaten track, knowledge of locals etc)
  • Inspiration & Creativity (Inspiring people, ideas, styling)
  • Family & Friends (photography, different things to do with friends, cool things for kids, families, parenting tips)
  • Photography & Art (sharing my favourite talents)
  • Local

Photographer: Katie Spicer

My motto has always been ‘Dance like nobody is watching!’ and I believe this is how we should do life – be you, be unique, be individual and that’s where you’ll find the most enjoyment. My hope is that this space will bring you joy and be a visual delight!

I hope you enjoy!

Much Love

La x

Photographer: Katie Spicer