Pink & Coral – the new trend!

Pink is in! Who would have thought?!
My absolute favourite colour & being the month of February just thought I should share the pink & coral love…

I’ve always had a love affair with pink for as long as I can remember.

It’s energising. Courageous. Confident. Vital. With more than a hint of romance. It’s my everyday colour. With nothing everyday about it. And it isn’t just for ballerinas and girly-girls. Whether it’s hot-heavenly-candyfloss, neon or coral, I’ve got a colour crush on pink.

There is a noticeable trend to be more daring and bolder with interior designers and kitchen designers of late. This love affair with the latest trend of corals and pinks … much to my delight! Much in line with the new seasons fashion colour being coral. ‘Living Coral’ is the 2019 Pantone colour of the year.

Some designers aren’t being shy and going extremely bold, while others more subtle giving hints of corals and pinks. All beautiful.

Small pink details make a huge impact. Here are a few of my favourites:

Pink & Coral design combination – what more could one ask for?! Absolutely love it! The Breadway Bakery in Odessa, Ukraine designed by  Lera Brumina and Artem Trigubchak.Photography by Mikhail Loskutov

Pink kitchens

Love everything this creative duo, Jordan Cluroe & Russell Whitehead of create. They definitely not shy when it comes to pink – be it a hint or a splash, they do it so tastefully well.

Another gorgeous kitchen with a hint of pink in the tiles by

What’s not to love about this soft pink and green kitchen by Plain English

The colour alchemy studio in the Plain English New York showroom. Love pink & yellow together.

How beautiful is this kitchen by Blakes London  with its dusky pink herringbone tiles in the cupboards and hand painted cupboards in greensmoke by farrowandball. This kitchen is Malcolm Menzie’s of

Pink interiors…

Love the use of all the shades of pink in the above rooms. Image source: @jaimehayon instagram . His leafochair by @arflex_official .

Soft pink sofa from a project

Beautiful pink bathroom by


Pink & Coral Interiors @atnumber16

My colour crush comes in many different guises. It can be shocking or subdued or playful with bubble-gum hues. An unexpected surprise pop of pink can give a space a lovely shake up.

If you want to go beyond a traditional and basic pink then take a lead from Living Coral. Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year. An animating and life-affirming hue with a golden undertone that gives a softer, feminine edge. It’s a shade for today symbolizing an innate need for optimism, desire for playful expression and encourages light-hearted frolicsome activity.

I may have a colour crush on pink and coral but my husband hasn’t always been quite as enamoured as I am. However there’s either a subtle hint of pink – a book or vase perhaps or a bigger splash of my colour swoon in some of the rooms at Number 16.

Below are some images of where I have been bolder with the pops of pink and coral at Number 16. Will include a full post of the various rooms at Number 16 soon.

The open plan living area in my home with pops of coral and pink

Hallway At Number 16 ( ) with pops of pink in art work & cushions

My office At Number 16 with dirty pink velvet

One of my favourite pieces is a pink sofa which I snapped up in a Designers Guild Summer sale. It was originally bought for a styling project for one of my husband’s show homes. Although he wasn’t sure about it – he soon danced to a different tune when the apartment was sold for way over the asking price and the purchaser was so taken with the sofa he wanted to buy it too. But when you fall head over heels in love with a piece of furniture, it’s wise to hang onto it. And today it’s found a home in the Pyjama Lounge (see below). More about the pj lounge soon.

Photography of At number 16 by :

Would love to hear more about and see your pink interiors inspiration, please do share. It’s such an alive, happy colour!

La x