My daughter (Grace) and I love deciding on a theme for her birthday party each year – it’s one of our creative highlights of the year! For her eighth birthday she decided she wanted a ‘sushi’ party with a small group of friends – sushi being one of her favourite foods. Initially we were going to go to ‘Sticks ‘n Sushi‘ for one of their brilliant sushi making classes. However, we decided with her love of dance and dressing up, it would be fun to combine all of these lovely Japanese traditions into a party at home. We also realised that not all the girls are sushi fans like her and the ideas evolved from there…

We ended up with a full on Japanese theme! It was so lovely and most importantly Grace and her friends had such fun!

We decorated the tables with a variety of vases filled with cherry blossom branches and greenery – her birthday falls during spring, so a lovely time for all the spring blossoms. Our go-to for party decor is always Meri Meri – their beautiful colourful plates, cups, stripey straws & pretty floral napkins made for gorgeous place settings, with a paper flower chandelier and flower garlands & lanterns hanging around the rooms. Together with chopsticks, Japanese hand fans, pretty Japanese paper parasols (large ones & the little cocktail ones to decorate the cups) and scatterings of Japanese sweets & treats in colourful cups.

Delicious Japanese drinks & sweets from a local Japanese supermarket.

I always have the best of intentions when it comes to making the children’s birthday cakes and when I do, I end up until the early hours trying to perfect it – usually because I choose something way too challenging and being the perfectionist that I am, just won’t give up. However, when I know I’m going to run out of time or know it’s something beyond my baking and icing skills, I like to ask one of the very talented cake experts I know to work their magic. The very lovely and talented Laura of Loli Patisserie made the most delicious cake for Grace this year, exactly as I had envisaged… rainbow layers inside with the most scrumptious icing, cherry blossoms up the sides and fondant sushi pieces on the top. Laura also made these gorgeous hand painted macaroons below.

Japanese Kimmidolls

Takayo came and dressed Gracie and the girls up with Geisha make-up, beautiful colourful kimonos and their hair up in pretty buns with Japanese sticks & flowers through them.

The girls all loved Takayo’s kimonos – so so pretty! So many different ones to choose from. The boys (Gracie’s little brothers) also had gorgeous little Japanese outfits to wear.

They decorated paper fans to use for fan dancing and Takayo told them all about Japan. They also learnt how to write their names in Japanese.

We ordered in a mixture of sushi and other Japanese food from Hashi (a great little local Japanese restaurant) for lunch.

The girls in their kimonos and bows.

There was much excitement!

Takayo taught the girls Japanese fan dancing and they did a little Kimono fashion show at the end of the party with their fans and parasols, which they loved.

It was such a fun girlie party! Highly recommend this theme for young girls or even ladies!

An absolute little passion of mine is arranging parties – both children’s and adults. I love seeing other creative parties too, I find it so inspirational. There are a few of my favourites I often get inspired by when it comes to parties… Esther from BabyccinoKids is one of them when it comes to kiddies parties. She did a Japanese party for one of her daughters a few years back which added to the inspiration for Grace’s. Thank you Esther!

If you have some fabulous parties to share please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy party planning!

X La

photography beautifully captured by : Olga Shibiko